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My name is Adam Libert and I’ve been an engineer from the day I was born. Engineering is not just six years of University-acquired knowledge in my head; it’s also in my DNA. My grandfather, his two brothers, and two of my cousins went to MIT and were engineers. I now work as an engineer at SpaceX, and in my free time I am an engineer as well.

I don’t have data to prove that there’s an engineering phenotype genetically coded into my DNA, but it sure feels like it. Since early childhood, I have always loved taking things apart to see how they work and launching rockets from my backyard or the beach (that’s me, crouching, with my hand on the launch controller at the age of 6).

To my parent’s dismay, it took me a few years to realize that the trick was putting those things back together and having the rockets return to earth so that I could reuse them and not need to go to the hobby shop to keep getting new parts. It wasn’t long before I understood that the real magic of the things around us is in their design, fabrication, and efficiency.

Ever since then, I’ve had a persistent desire no longer to dissect, but rather to create and reuse. I’m excited by all things engineering, but I’m specifically interested in mechanical design, structural dynamics, motors, mechanisms, controls, space, transportation, energy, education, and entrepreneurship – and perhaps most importantly, leading teams to get new and unimagined feats accomplished.

Outside of engineering, I love photography, and am an avid rock and ice climber, skier, mountaineer, sailor, free diver, and scuba diver. Not only are these sports immensely fun, but they’re also incredibly interesting from an engineering and physics perspective. My engineering background helps me to be better at these sports and to appreciate their natural beauty.

In addition, I try to be as engaged and involved in my community as possible, so I led the Recruitment effort of the Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers at MIT, have been heavily involved in the SpaceX recruiting effort as well. At SpaceX, I created a group to bring people together to improve information exchange on best practices and lessons learned regarding motor and electromechanical actuator design, which has proven to be both fun and educational.

This portfolio contains a small selection of the many awesome projects I’ve worked on. These photos and descriptions are meant to serve as a window into my world and to share with you my passion for engineering.

Photos of Me

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